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Saturday Drive-Thru (Pick-Up Only)


Saturday Drive-Thru (Pick-Up Only)

Welcome to the Big Grove Drive-Thru!

*** Please note the new time change ***

New beers this week: Carrera, Queen Mother, Pomegranate Truffle Stout, Grapefruit Gose and Summer Summer Jam Jam Gusher. 

You’re invited to place a drive-through (pre-sale) order for the beers listed here along with our new to the menu item: breakfast burritos! Pick-up will be Saturday between 9-11am.  This is for pick-up only and is available in Iowa City or Solon (sorry, wish we could ship it to you!). Orders will be accepted until Friday at 8pm.

On Saturday, pull into the parking lot and follow the on-site instructions. Please don’t get out of the car (#socialdistancing) and have your ID and order number from your receipt ready. A Big Grove employee will come to greet you, check your ID, and retrieve your order. Please have the order number from your receipt available.

Pre-Sale Summary:

  1. Anything ordered from the Drive-Thru page is available for pick-up only. You will select your pick up location upon checkout.
  2. Your order will be available for pick-up between 9-11am the following Saturday. New beers will be released every week.
  3. When you arrive, please stay in your car and have your ID and order number ready.
  4. If you want to add other swag to your order, go for it! We will have it ready with your order.

With a lot of love,

Big Grove Brewery

PS If you missed the chance to pre-order, swing through the drive-thru and you can purchase the day-of! But if there is a beer you really want—you won’t want to wait!

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