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March 13 Anniversary Celebration


March 13 Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, March 13 — Big Grove Brewery is offering drive-thru and in-house pick-up special releases in Iowa City and Solon from 9-11am using this pre-order system. However, you’re welcome to swing through the drive-thru line on Saturday and purchase anything you’d like at that time as well (pending availability).

Remember to bring your order number and a valid ID. You’re invited to pick up the goods on behalf of a friend, so long as you have their order number and a copy of their ID.

On Saturday, pull into the parking lot and follow the on-site instructions. Please don’t get out of your car (#socialdistancing) and have your ID ready. A Big Grove employee will greet you, check your ID, and retrieve your order. Please have the order number from your receipt available.

Please note, your beer order is held for 48 hours after our release date. After 48 hours, we cannot guarantee the contents of your purchase. However, we will make our best efforts to accommodate your order to its fullest in the form of replacement beer or a gift card.

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