Jabroni Pilsner

S’up Jabronis!

From Big Grove’s Head Brewer, Andy Joynt:

The idea for Jabroni came about when Lua Brewing was a few months from opening.  We started talking about a collaboration brew with Lua Brewing’s Brewer/Founder Scott Selix and partner, Zack Dunbar. They were going to be pushing hard to brew some beers to have on tap when they opened. We started talking about brewing a batch up in Solon to have ready for Lua’s opening.

Since we had a few months for the beer to mature we started talking about brewing a lager. We were looking for a fresh idea and a style none of us had brewed very often. Italian Pilsner was suggested and felt like the one. Italian Pilsner is a newer style that involves dry hopping a German-style Pilsner with European noble style hops. For Jabroni, we use 100% pilsner malt and the German hops Hallertau Mittelfrueh and Saphir.

The name for this collaboration came about pretty naturally. Jabroni was a term that Scott made part of the vernacular when he worked at Big Grove Iowa City. When we started discussing a name for this beer, Big Grove’s Director of Sales Chad Young was quick to declare that it had to be called “Jabroni”.